My break up registry

Making break-ups a little less shitty.



Average Relationship


Post-COVID Divorce Rate


Of couples stay together for $


of relationships don’t last

My Breakup Registry

is a supportive, bold, humorously sarcastic yet uplifting community-driven platform
that allows people to crowdfund their break-up or divorce
, register for items lost in
their split, and access community resources and subscription services for things like
housing, moving, mental health and wellness.

I'm Natasha Pearl Hansen

In 2019, my wedding was called off after a 9 year relationship and a 3 year engagement.

Being the type who finds silver linings and being locked into a venue contract, I decided to shoot my first comedy special, on my wedding day, on my wedding stage, in front of my wedding guests, called “I Was Supposed To Get Married Today…” (due out late 2020 by Comedy Dynamics). My audience on Social Media started turning to me for honesty, help and guidance in their relationships and breakups, and I came up with the idea for!

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